Crystal Extracts

Crystal extracts are another way to use the energy of the crystals created by nature. There are different ways to prepare them; one of the most common ways is according to internal guidance. Like Bach flowers, here too you can buy sets of pre-made extracts. Preparation of the extract depends heavily on the intention of the user, but there are some important rules to know. Here are some tips for anyone who wants to prepare the essences for himself:

Rainwater is recommended. If no rain water is available, you can also use mineral water, tap water, or water from the purifier. It is advisable to use a transparent glass vessel, put water in it, and place the selected stones in it. Once the stones have been placed in the water, cover it with a cloth or mesh, so that it will be ventilated, but at the same time no dirt or insects will enter.


It is best to choose the stones in a meditative process in which you think about the person for whom the essence is intended and focus on the issue or issues you are dealing with. You can use 3-4 different stones, raw or smooth. It is important that they be clean and loaded. Put the stones into the water and let the vessel stand. You can also put it in a planter with plants and the energy of the plants gives added value. It is also possible in sunlight, but not directly. Leave the stones in the water for at least 24-48 hours

Put the liquid in a bottle and add a few drops of 95% alcohol to the vial. The alcohol should be added mainly when you sell the extract to someone and want it preserved. How to use the extract depends on the issue it is supposed to relate to: You can gargle or drink it. There are cases in which it is advisable to take the water in drops, depending on the issue. It is important to know: do not prepare an extract from stones containing sulfur or most metals. There are several specific stones which are not desirable to make an extract, for example: Gypsum family (Alabaster, Selenite, and Desert Rose), Bujay and Dolomite. The energy information indicated for them will usually be addressed.


It was, however, a task for them to do. The crystals in the Naica mine in the natural setting of red-veiled walls and the amazing information that awaited them inside made them a danger to something secondary. It should be noted that Selenite is not considered a rare stone, and giant Selenite crystals several meters in size have already been discovered in various parts of the world, such as in Mexico and Chile, Peru, Spain, and Macedonia (former Yugoslavia). But there is a uniqueness in the caves of Naica: crystal formation, their unique size, beauty, and concentration make the caves an extraordinary phenomenon by any standard. The "Giant Crystals Cave" has since been considered one of the most important geological discoveries ever!

The investigation and collection of information from the crystals at the Naica mine is in its infancy and it is likely that valuable information will reach humanity soon, thanks to the discovery of these amazing crystals. Meanwhile, we stand amazed and marvel at the amazing work of nature.

* Written by Yael Neeman and translated by Yuval Bloomberg 

Link for the article in Hebrew 


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