From the core of the planet, Lava Stone

General description and appearance:

Considered one of the oldest stones in the world. It originates in its formation: it comes from the core of the planet when the hot sulfur bubbles to surface and cools and becomes airy over time, the hot sulfur turns black when it cools. Also known as "Basalt" and places where volcanic eruptions are now days or lakes can be found on the seabed, and sometimes on the beach.

Lava stone Basalt
Gemological Information:

It is very porous, spongy and lightweight. The source of the pores is the absorption of air and various gases in the rock while it is molten and crystallized prior to evaporation of the gases. The spaces are called "vesicles" and often contain crystals of quartz, calcite, or zolite stones. The color is black-green to black, the green comes as a result of a variety of minerals that mix like amazonite or peridot. Sometimes there are also tiny quantities of magnetite and iron. It is impossible to give a chemical composition, and crystal crystallization is not fixed, it actually has an amorphous internal structure. Hardness ranges between 5-6 on a scale of 1-10 and the specific weight also changes, the average is: 2.50 g / cm3.

 Lava stone Basalt

General energy use:

It is a multi functional stone that contains all four elements: the fire that is expressed in the heart, the earth that makes up it in crystalline quartz, the water that plays an important role in its cooling, and the air that fills its pores. Throughout history has been known as a stone of healing calm. When you think of lava stones, the lava is known for its grounding qualities, so that its grip disperses unnecessary negative energies and sends them into the ground. This is a wonderful process for soothing emotions. Just like its structure, is a light stone that, although it does, does not do so in a heavy way.


Spiritual aspect:From t

Its lightness combined with the ability of the grounding makes it a classic stone for grasping during high spiritual experiences: When elevated with high energy stones such as Apophiliate, Danboret, Selenite and Celestite, it is wonderful to place on the lower chakras.

Emotional aspect:

The airiness with the relaxing effect helps to dissolve layers over layers of emotional blockages, emotional connections are no longer necessary and necessary.


Physical aspect:

The fact that it contains energetic all four elements makes it an especially powerful healing stone. It strengthens the flow of energy in all bodies, including the physical body. Its large blocks can just like a sponge, absorb harsh energy from the room, and often make surfaces from it to decorate rooms and combine it with floors and surfaces, often mixed with other materials to make it smooth and stable, causing it to lose its properties.


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