Is it the perfect dish?

Dal Bhat: Dal means Lentils and Bhat means steamed rice. Probably the most popular and available dish in India and Nepal.

There are a lot of variations for Dal, but the principle is the same: a dish of lentils, not too thick, a well-seasoned dish, usually eaten with rice.

The combination of the lentils with the rice creates a complete protein, and therefore makes this food a very nutritious substitute for meat. 
In the Nepalese Guest Houses, along the Himalayas, in the Dabas (Indian restaurant), in ordinary restaurants and in fine restaurants, there is no place where this dish is not served.

In the poorer parts of Nepal, they eat it twice a day. This dish is also served as part of the Tali, a plate which includes different dishes besides the dal and rice.

In all the simple places, one can have refills on the dish, served until the guest gives up and surrenders...

From an endless number of recipes, here's one very tasty recipe for Dal Baht. 
The quantities are matched to a full medium pot. Of course, you can play with the quantities. Preparation is relatively quick 
for the dish and you can prepare a pot full of food within an hour (including rice).

The dish is divided into two pots and consolidated later on.

Dish in one pot: 
1/2 kg red washed lentils (not required to soak before). 
2-3 tomatoes cut into cubes 
5-6 peeled garlic cloves 
preparation method, 
Cook in water (with garlic and tomatoes) until the lentils are 
completely soft and crumble in water. Takes about 40 minutes 
(after the water has boiled).

Dish in the second pot: 
Coriander seeds - 2 teaspoons 
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp 
Cumin seeds - 2 full teaspoons 
Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp 
Ginger - finely chopped 
Cumin - full spoon 
Turmeric - 1 tbsp 
Black pepper - flat spoon 
Salt - a flat spoon (and add to taste) 
8 grated tomatoes 
A bunch of chopped cilantro

Preparation method: 
- Crunch the seeds in a mortar and pestle (opens them and smells good) 
- Put oil in a pot to cover the entire bottom and heat - Put the seeds in oil, stir and keep watchful, for up to 2 minutes, otherwise frying can burn the seeds. · Place the ginger in a pot and stir · Place the chopped tomatoes in the pot and stir · Put in all spices and stir 
- Add the spices (cumin, turmeric and black pepper) before the tomatoes. Even then, you have to be careful not to burn it. Stir for two minutes and add the tomatoes Cook for between 5 and 10 minutes. - Add the coriander (you can also add some live coriander over the dish) 
- Add the cooked lentil pot to the pot with the spices and cook over a low flame for 10-15 minutes. 
- Add water and salt as needed 
It should not be too thick.

The images attached are from Google and represent different forms of preparation.

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