Ladyboys in Thailand

Ladyboys in Thailand are mainly the result of economic interest. Young men who come from poor rural areas of Thailand and are looking for a quick way to earn money. A Thai who works in restaurants or hotels or any tourist services will earn about 4500-5000 Baht per month. That's equivalent to approx. $ 150. It is not difficult to calculate how long it will take to save money or even build a small business. 

On the other hand, a young man who becomes a Ladyboy can earn in one night an amount that exceeds a monthly salary that his friend who works in regular work will earn.

The temptation, therefore, for young and poor guys, is pretty significant. On top of this, there is silent social legitimization to do what needs to be done to support your family. Many of them support families who are living in villages throughout Thailand. 

For those young men who want to be Ladyboy, there is a long way to go and this is a difficult and dangerous way. Many tourists visit the islands and big cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, are exposed to the prostitution industry, the endless number of bars, the available sex and the girls who do not hesitate to approach them, and they get the wrong impression that Thailand is a completely permissive country.  

The opposite is correct. Thailand is a Buddhist country and therefore ordinary people throughout Thailand are more conservative but also very tolerant. The choice to become a Thai Ladyboy is not a choice that brings honor. For Thai people, it was perceived as inferior and immoral despite the tolerant attitude towards it. 

Whoever decides to go this way will need a lot of money, beyond what he could achieve in ordinary work. A sex reassignment surgery that involves male genital cutting and the formation of a female genitalia can cost $ 10,000, which is about 320,000 in Baht.

If the average salary is between 4000 to 5000 Baht, he will have to work for at least five years and save all the money he gets without spending anything on housing, food, food, entertainment. It does not include support for his family. In other words, in a realistic situation, it can take 10 years or more to save the amount needed for surgery. 

This simple calculation makes the standard work option unattractive and impractical for them while making other options more realistic in terms of the required financial savings.  

The first option is to work in cabarets, in the tourism industry. Anyone who has traveled to Thailand and especially in the islands familiar with this. Daily shows, during night time, performed by Ladyboys. Income from such events is made up of salaries, tips and, in some cases, prostitution. The second option is prostitution through the clubs or through "hunting tourists" on the street.

It seems like they all have the amount of money needed to buy hormones needed for breast growth. They dress like women, talk like a woman and move like women and therefore look like women. At least at first glance. Many of them are at the beginning of a sex change process, another part in the middle and a few after completing the expensive process.

 The third option is delinquency, which is expressed mainly in thefts from tourists.  Most Thai employers, at least in the tourism business, would prefer to avoid hire Ladyboy to work because of their desperate need for money.   How to identify Ladyboy?

Many foreign tourists cannot distinguish between a normal girl and a Ladyboy, but there are quite a few differences: the unit of volume (The prominent part of the neck(  the muscles, excessive feminine gestures, provocative female movements.

The life of the Ladyboys in Thailand is far from simple or easy. They are pushed to the margins of society, they are in a constant and tough war of existence, and put their faith in the entertainment industry or prostitution when both have a quick expiration date.

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