Why do Israelis like to travel to India?

The answer to this question, why so many Israelis travel to India, is composed of many reasons, and it is clear that not every reason is relevant to everyone.

Eventually, people are individuals and act for different reasons, but still, if you try to generalize, you can certainly list several reasons. The order of reasons below is not necessarily related to their importance. Israelis travelling to India

1. Costs

If you compare travel costs in India between trips elsewhere, such as Europe, US, Australia, South America, so there is no doubt that the trip in India is significantly cheaper.

India is relatively close to Israel so the flight costs cheaper. The food is very tasty and cheap. The lodging is cheap.

Mobility within India is cheap.

Travelling in India

The more you are willing to adapt to the way the locals live, the lower is your travel costs.

The amount of money that will be enough for a few weeks to travel in the US will suffice for a half year trip to India. 

So whether you are a soldier who has completed regular service or a family with two or three children is a significant consideration

2. Vegetarianism and veganism

As someone who has been married to a vegan woman for many years, vegan food is not easy to get.

In the last year or two there has been a change but still, in a large majority of the restaurants, vegan dishes are improvised dishes or appear to be a kind of compromise made by the restaurant.

eating dal bhat in India

In India, however, vegan food is built into Hindu culture. Vegan food is an ideology and therefore cooking, groceries and dishes are adapted to vegan food.

The result is very very tasty food and most importantly, very available everywhere. India is actually a paradise for vegans.

Since Israel has been gaining momentum in recent years, India has become a natural destination for vegans.

3. Space

India is a vast subcontinent. The size of India is about 3.3 million square kilometers.

By comparison, Israel's size is 27,880 square kilometers (including Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights), you need almost 120 Israel’s territory in order to create a similar size of territory. 

Israel map Vs India map

For those who come from a small country, it is a wonderful feeling of freedom to travel in such a large geographical area without this space ending somewhere.

You can travel to India for months and months and still cover only a small part of it. 

4. No Antisemitism 

In East Asia in general, and in India in particular, there are no anti-Semitic sediments. There is no tradition of Jew-hatred.

For Jewish Israelis, this is something significant.

Western Europe for that matter, on top of its horrible history with Jews, became intolerable again in the recent years.

Israel, Flag, Hand, National, Fingers, Patriotic

If you are identified as a Jew, because you spoke Hebrew or because you wear a skullcap or because you wear a Star of David necklace, there is a nearly 100% chance that you will be attacked physically in the street in broad daylight.

Of course, such an atmosphere is not attractive to travelers.

5. No judgment

Israel is part of the Judeo-Christian culture of the Western world.

One of the outstanding characteristics of this culture is your constant judgment by the environment, whether it is parents, friends, workplace, everyone judges you all the time.

Lord Shiva

You are judged for appearance, you are judged for the way you speak, you are judged by your actions, you are judged for everything that related to you.

In some East Asian countries (India and the Buddhist countries) this is completely not the case.

They accept you as you are in the most natural way. You can live in any way you like, you can wear whatever you like, talk about whatever you want and the environment will treat all with patience and naturalness.

The lack of judgment creates an incredible feeling of freedom and is one of the great attractions of these places.


6. Beautiful India

India is an amazing country in its beauty. It has geographic, human and cultural wealth.

Kailash mountain view from Kalpa

Tropical regions, desert areas, mountainous, flatlands. Everything is in India.

Cultural wealth reaches its peak in Hindu holy sites (Varanasi), in the far north of Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh), the center of Buddhist Tibetans, in Amritsar (the center of the Sikhs).

For travelers, the experiences in these places are very powerful. It's not just another monument or museum. 

7. Israelis like being together 

The Israelis are very family oriented, love to be together and love the sense of family.

If there are definitely some who prefer to be alone, they will prefer not to be identified with the other Israelis or to go to places where Israelis go, mainly out of a desire to feel the local environment as much as possible.

Of course, if you are in an Israeli guest house, eat Israeli food, speak Hebrew and socialize mainly with Israelis, it is very difficult to feel India with all its might.

8. Without borders

Israelis do not like laws and do not like borders. They do not like being told what to do and when to do it.

This feeling is especially intensified after three years of military service during which they are in a military framework, with all that entails.

Europe and the United States are places of laws and borders.

There are times to be respected, lines to be met, clothing code everywhere. In East Asia, especially in countries like India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, the atmosphere is much looser.

Everything is much slower and less pressing. Less sense of limits and limitations. The advantage of a trip to such places is obvious.

9. Spirituality

India is the homeland of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.

Yoga was born in India, meditation, karma, Dharma all were born in India. Many people are drawn to the spirituality of India. India is a warm home to all those who are fed up with Western materialism.

The ability to experience these things in its original source is very attractive for Israelis, who are not necessarily young. 

10. India is suitable for families

India is also suitable for families. Economically a trip to a family of four or five people would be much cheaper than such a trip to Europe or the US.

In addition, families who are less interested in classic tourist attractions such as Disneyland or large parks, preferring the cultural, geographic and spiritual aspects, will definitely prefer India.

This is why many Israeli families prefer to travel in India rather than in a Western country.


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  • shashi kant srivastava

    My son is a student of international relation at one prestigious university was ardent supporter of Israel infact wishes to go there for further studies or assignment were shocked response meted by group of some students who visited his university for some studies. He later changed his idea of visiting Israel.

  • Yuval Bloomberg

    Guys, I’m really thankful for your comments. I do appreciate your kind words.
    Dueep Jyot Singh, It’s very interesting what you wrote, I was not familiar with this. who considered Jews to be “men of god, men of peace”?

    Shyam Sethi – I definitely agree with what you wrote in 2 and 3, I think you correct and I think the Hindu and Jews are natural allies.

    BIVASH MONDAL – Thanks for the beautiful words

  • srinivasan

    The isreli Parliament passed the first resolution after formation of ISRAEL, thanking India for providing honourable citizenship for jews population in India while the remaining countries world over treated them badly. This I heard from one political leader of India.

  • Dueep Jyot Singh

    My comment got posted twice by mistake. Could the moderator remove one comment, please.

  • Dueep Jyot Singh

    For millenniums, the landmass which is now called the Indian subcontinent and the United Union of India, after independence, along with other Asian countries has always welcomed people of other nations and religions to live here, and contribute with their own unique culture to make the rich tapestry of Indian society unique and incomparable, down the ages.
    That is why, the Jews have always been welcomed to Asian countries, without prejudice, xenophobia, and racial hatred. When Spain was deporting its Jews in the medieval ages, and Europe was persecuting them, India was grateful for this ancient praiseworthy and revered race with all its knowledge, cultural traditions coming and settling in India for generations.
    Some of the most loved stars of yesteryears, David and Nadira were Jewish. If they were abroad, in Hollywood, they would have been persecuted, reviled, because of a bone deep prejudice against Jews, which has been going through centuries, in Europe and the West. But in the east, the Jews are considered to be men of God, men of peace, and possibly very much like the original Aryans of the Kashmir area, that they have been living here for centuries, and peacefully, without being persecuted in any part of the Indian subcontinent, ever.
    In Kashmir, it is a well-known fact that the 10 lost tribes of Israel, from the Bible came to that area, more than 3000 years ago, and settled there. They still call themselves the Bani Israel. The European Westerners do not know about it. But the Jews do know That for millenniums, The old wise ones of India have always welcomed the ancient ones with open arms.
    Even when India was invaded by invaders from Central Asia, the Jews were never persecuted. Any sort of anti-Semitism will be considered to be savage and barbaric, and only for juvenile civilizations of the West, who really do not know everything about the old ties between ancient peoples, in the East, going back centuries.
    Once I asked my history teacher, why the Jews did not come to India, when they were being persecuted by the Nazis during the 2nd world war and she said that she often wondered that herself. Because after all, they had been living in the south of India, since the 14th century, and in the Kashmir region, since the time of King Gopadatta, more than 3000 years ago! When they found this rich fertile Green land During their wanderings, they Sent their wisest priest to the king, to request permission to settle there.
    The king asked them,“what are you going to do?”
    The wise man said –" we are going to raise our flocks and we are going to raise our children and our children’s children."
    “And what are you going to do in times of war?”
    " If the king asks for our young men to fight on the side of righteousness and justice and against tyranny, they will be there. But if the king asks for our young men to fight for him because he wants to wage war, just because of his greed and ambition, the young men will disappear into the mountains and they will not be able to be found by the soldiers.But one has heard of the wisdom of the king, and that he is not going to do something so against his principles and the teachings of peace, as spoken by the ancient wisemen of your land."
    The king laughed, because he was a peaceloving and sensible king, and so the 10 tribes settled down in Kashmir and flourished and are still living there, an integral part of the Indian subcontinent’s history, going back before Christ.
    And this is true, and documented.

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