Why would the train has to bark? 

A real story from Japan about barking train that address a serious issue. 

Sometimes it is difficult to see Japanese creativity, but not in this case :) The Japanese railway system is a symbol of order, discipline, punctuality and uncompromising adherence to timetables. Delays due to routine matters are out of bounds.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Japanese railway system, were accidents with deer in the mountainous regions of Japan. Only last year, more than 600 accidents were reported that led to death of many deer and half hour delay during the trip, an imaginary delay time in Japanese terms.

 Shinkansen train in Japan

A technology research institute of the Japanese railway company has found a very original and effective way to reduce by half the amount of accidents. The trains began to transmit two different voices, the barking of dogs that made threats and warning cries of deer from the threat. It turns out that the creative idea reduced by almost half the amount of accidents and saved many deer lives.

For the original article in the Telegraph, read here

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