Bracelet Lava stone and Turkiz Crystal with Metal Buddha Figures

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Bracelet Lava stone

Buddha Lava Bracelet combined with Turkiz crystal stones and Buddha metal figures.

Lava or Volcanic rock is the oldest and widely available stone on the planet. It truly originates from the Center of the EARTH - red hot brimstone that rises to the surface and cools. Once the stone is cool, it winds up porous and black.

Since lava is known for its establishing qualities, it's extremely good for soothing the feelings. Since it originates from raw energy, it's thought to be a stone of resurrection and shedding unneeded layers of passionate connection.

Lava stones are incredible for balancing out and establishing the root chakra. This is a direct result of the solid association with the earth and its creation inside the focal point of Earth.

Buddha Lava Bracelet combined with Turkiz crystal stones and Buddha metal figures are prescribed to be worn near the skin, if not directly on the skin. This is on the grounds that the obstruction of assimilation isn't hindered by anything. It gives access for the energy to stream obviously and keep things energetically adjusted.

Volcanic lava stone, otherwise called Basalt, is liquid lava that has turned out to be strong because of extraordinary warmth and weight. This red hot change carries with it superb fortifying properties - simply envision the power, quality, and fire that this dazzling stone has persevered! It’s a superb stone of assurance and quality. 

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