About us

Explore the East Asian Culture when you shop with us!

As a highly creative individual, it is my belief that nothing is as personal, unique or well-received as something lovingly handmade. That’s why I share a love for craft and jewelry that inspires and thrills us every day.

My name is Yuval Bloomberg and I’m the founder of Shopeast Asia, an internet shop that vividly focuses on jewelry, crafts and other products, all in the spirit of East Asian cultures.

I’m widely traveled and it has afforded me an opportunity to see other cultures and learn new things in a different kind of ways. Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, India, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong are some of the countries on my travel list, and I’m glad to infuse my travel's experiences into my business.

Shopeast Asia is dedicated to unique designs, as well as excellent customer service, which exemplify the inherent principles of beauty, style and elegance.

The foundation of our continuous growth and excellence hinges on the ability to meet our customers’ needs.

 We employ a visionary approach to design and unwavering committed to enrich our client’s request. That’s why our customers have remained loyal to us all year along.

 We have beautifully designed and crafted bracelets, pendants, earrings and additional products at very competitive prices.

 Come shop with us; we will be glad to take your request.