Seven Chakras and Healing Bracelet for Women and Men

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Chakra is a nickname for the Indian word: wheel, hence the name of the energy centers that look like wheels. The Chakras that absorb the energy from the subtle bodies and surround the physical body.

There are seven main Chakras in the body, and they are placed parallel to the back. Each is characterized by its energetic structure. In the circular flow of energy, and in the color of energy.  

Chakras are used as intermediaries between three systems: physical, emotional, and spiritual, the chakras connect the physical body to the spiritual body and transfer energy to the physical body, and from the physical body to the cosmos back.

The Chakras appear in a spiral form that revolves and pulls from the universe energy in various quantities and intensities for different purposes.

Thus, the different colors represent the seven Chakras and the balance between them and the bracelet suitable to maintain the energy balance between your 7 Chakras. 

Bracelet length: 18-23[cm]; 7.1'' - 9''