Chinese Foot Massager Mat

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Chinese Foot Massager Mat 

This Foot massage tool is helpful for the internal organs of the body to walk on the plastic stone in a healthy foot massage mat. Everyone can use it, especially The Middle-age and old, and those people sitting to work and study for a long time. It is a suit Leg massage machine.

By this Chinese massage therapy, the blood flows away from the pain and you will feel relax. It is a great product for the health of people of advanced age or people who always sit for long.


1. The message can stimulate the reflective area of the sole, promote metabolism and the blood circulation.
2. Make you recover from the tiredness, adjust the function of viscera, strengthen the immunity of the human body.
3. Making of PP special plastic, healthy foot massage mat has the feature of high rigidity and wear resistant.
4. It is easy to use without the limit of places; you can move it at any time and use it wherever inside or outside
5. You can move it any time and use it wherever inside or outside.

How to use

  •  Can be used with 1 or both feet
  •  Perfect to target the arches, heels, and toes
  •  Convenient to use while sitting down
  •  Ideal for office use, while you work,
  • can be used wearing socks or barefoot
  •  Begin wearing socks and gradually work towards 


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