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The bonsai tree is the art of miniature garden architecture, which deals, among other things, with the growth of dwarf trees to a very old age, sometimes up to a hundred years or more, in small containers filled with a few handfuls of soil. The Japanese word bonsai means "planted in a tray".

The bonsai cultivation technique preserves the small dimensions of the tree, and even hinders its natural growth by pruning and cutting the roots and branches. From the Japanese point of view, however, the bonsai is more than planting a tree. It is a perfect creation of a natural landscape of man, often enjoyed by his grandchildren 50 years later.

Growing bonsai is a special art in a living matter whose creation has been going on for years, but you too can adopt it. The basic things needed for the growth of bonsai are soft tree seedlings or suitable squirting, flat container (clay, plastic ceramics, etc.) with drainage. A little planting soil and good scissors for cutting and pruning branches and roots.

Pruning Tool Type: Pruners
Feature: FSC,Telescopic,Anti-Slip Grip
Material: Metal
Finishing: Not Coated
Model Number: -
Pruner Type: Anvil
is_customized: Yes
belt length: about 100-110 cm

How to take Care of Bonsai Tree?


Inside the Home

It is recommended to place the tree where there is a lot of natural light and at least one hour of direct sunlight a day.

The Bonsai tree can be placed near the window (recommended with a southern, eastern or western orientation) where the Bonsai tree will receive a lot of natural light and even some direct sunlight.

In case of high level of solar radiation, it won't be ideal for the Bonsai tree, so it's better to place the Bonsai tree in shade, partial shade. If you are interested in placing the Bonsai in the sun, it is recommended to give the Bonsai a period of adaptation to the sunlight of the afternoon by gradual

Fertilizer and manure

Fertilizer and manure Fertilizer is needed for Bonsai tree and provides all the nutrients it needs to thrive. It is recommended to use organic manure mixture or organic fertilizer. You can mix organic compost and organic Humic at 50% -50%, and sprinkle a small amount of the manure on the potting soil once a month during the growing season (all months of the year except the winter months).
The amount of fertilizer depends on the size of the pot. In a Bonsai pot width of about 1.5 inches / 4 cm, you should spread about 3 full teaspoons and a Bonsai plant width of 23 inches /60 cm you should spread about 9 tablespoons packed. 
It is also possible to fertilize the Bonsai with any fertilizer for home-grown plants at half the recommended dosage by the manufacturer and at the time intervals recommended by him


In order to preserve the design of the Bonsai tree, it should be trimmed from time to time. Pruning encourages the growth of new branches that pop up, from a number of points on each branch that was cut, close to the pruning site, fill the tree landscape, and give it a complex and impressive appearance.
The branches that grow and exceed the height of the landscape line must be pruned and in fact, any branch that grows beyond the landscape of the tree.
If the tree landscape is not uniform and divided into several branches with 'foliage clouds', each branch should be trimmed according to the desired shape of the landscape, and of course, fit with the general appearance and the desired landscape of the tree.
The branches that sprout and grow within the branch structure of the tree, and any branch that hides parts of the branch structure, must be pruned, assuming that the branch does not flatter or contribute to Bonsai design in any way.
Each branch which grows downward should be trimmed, and again, assuming that it doesn't flatter or contribute to design in any way. It is recommended to prune only healthy and strong branches. Leave at least two leaves on the branch.
Pruning is recommended during the growing season (from the beginning of spring until the end of autumn). Within a few days to a few weeks after the pruning, new branches will sprout at the sites that have been trimmed.
After pruning, the tree should be placed in a shaded place protected by strong winds, direct sunlight and various natural hazards. When pruning a thick branch (usually over 1 cm in diameter) it is possible to apply pruning cream to seal the scars of the pruning against dehydration and the prevention of fungus and drains and thus accelerate the recovery of the scar.


How to Grow Bonsai Tree


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