Lao Dze Mug

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Everyone knows Buddha, few know Lao Dze (Laozi) and many know the book written by him: Dao De Jing. According to Chinese tradition, Lao Dze lived during Confucius perio and after the emperor chose Confucius to write the constitution for his kingdom, Lao Dze decided to leave and to go to the Himalayas. The Emperor sent messengers and ordered to arrest Lao Dze at the border crossing in Himalayas, not to let him continue his journey until he wrote the wisdom of the Dao. And so it was, a border guard stopped him and Lao Dze sat down and wrote the famous book: Doa De Jing, a short book with tremendous wisdom. Only the Bible was translated more times than Lao Dze's book. For more details about the Daoism, read this article in our blog: The Mystery Of Daoism.

So when you are drinking your coffee in this mug, rather it's morning coffee or evening coffee, Lao Dze wisdom will touch you and inspire your day or your evening, it will remind you to get closer to yourself, listen to your inner voice, get closer to the Dao.

Product Details:
• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy